Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

Westfield Public School District understands the importance of working closely with parents, caregivers, agencies, community groups, and organizations to provide a continuum of high quality special education services to students with special needs.  As such, the district works closely with the SEPAC to: 

  • Work for the understanding, respect and support for all children with special needs.

  • Provide a forum for parents of children with special needs to share information and discuss matters concerning their children.

  • Provide speakers to inform parents, educators and students on various issues.

  • Collaborate on issues regarding development of policies and practices, creation and improvement of services, and effective use of resources.

2022-2023 SEPAC Calendar

Parent Leadership Team

  • Dawn Altieri

  • Rachel Bullock

  • Michele Douglas

  • Melissa Rutkowski

Please contact the leadership team with any questions or concerns at westfieldsepac@gmail.com